Focusing on something behind a drape engages a specific thought process. The act of
bringing something into view agitates the mind as it tries to grasp the content of what is
being revealed. I'm interested in making paintings that agitate the viewing mind in the same way, where in addition to being looked at the paint becomes something the viewer tries to look through.

These recent paintings are closely tied to my earlier figurative work. However, instead of
figures generating the narrative, now that’s done by enigmatic shapes and the
process. Lately, by spraying paint through lace, I have started creating the illusion of
patterned fabric on the surface of the canvas. Now the painting’s content is determined by the way the shapes interact with the pattern. Anything from curtains to pixels to tattoos to “feminine” garb might be suggested.

Obscured shapes blur the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, positing
a kind of internal/external debate within themselves, as well as a larger meditation on
form. For instance, a shape may recall a skirt, a torso or a knee, all the while remaining

Just as I use fabric to intercede between my hand and the canvas; the viewer is left
yearning, engaged in the act of bringing something into view. I want my paintings to
exist at the point where the viewer has just enough clarity to want to see a little bit more